Monday, 14 April 2014

CE Lesson: VIEW profiling

Dear S102,

1) Go to the website
    * Password: 0096XXXXX (5 numbers starting with class followed by index no. e.g. 009610201, 009610223)
    * Code: 1293

2) Please read the instructions carefully before starting on the assessment.
    * There are no "correct" or "incorrect" responses. The assessment is not a "test".
    * Do not attempt to explain or restate items.

3) Details to be filled
    First name: *Please fill in your given name
    Last name: * Please fill in your surname
    Primary Language: * Please select English
    Work Category: *pls get them to select School (K-12)
    Current Occupation: *pls get them to select Student
    Job Role: *pls get them to select Other

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