Monday, 22 September 2014

CCE Lesson 4: Scenario A

Scenario A

Discussion the following questions in your small group after reading the cards:
1) How will it look like to influence your friend(s) positively in this scenario?
2) What can you do to respond to this situation so that your decisions reflect sound values, and are for the best interest of your friend(s)? How?
3) What did you think about before deciding on your response to this scenario?
4) As a friend in this scenario, what are some values and attitudes you should display in trying to help and influence your friend(s) positively? Why is it important that you do so?
5) How would the situation have changed if you chose to ignore and/or carry out actions that do not uphold sound values?
6) From your personal experience, how would the values and attitudes that you have affect the kind of friendships that you form?

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