Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 2 - Reflections

  Today, when i was doing the high elements(broken bridge), i learnt that teamwork is very important as if the belayers are not paying attention and you suddenly fall, they may not catch you. Also, encouraging your other classmate on the broken bridge is important as it will give him the confidence to move on. The broken bridge had planks connecting from one to the other. Those were the ones that wobbled the bridge a lot, just like how it is difficult to get through a tough situation and you are trying to balance yourself.

  While we were on the bus, i learnt three thing about him.
1. He wishes to be taller3
2. He is quite talkative
3. He is from Fuhua primary(?)
but i realized i missed out the most important thing: his name.

  During the debrief, i thought about how i have been respectful/ disrespectful, kind/ unkind. It was really a time where i realized how impolite i was.

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