Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Homework(21 Jan)

1.Read Pg 3,4
2.Do Pg 5,6
(Science Worksheet)
3.Science homework(Due thurs)
1.Watch videos
1.Handout(Qn 7-11)
2.Workbook Pg 2 Q6,7;Pg 6 Q27

On a side note,
Please take down the homework on your own. I'm posting the homework on the blog not so that you can be lazy, it's for your parents. There will be days where I will only post this right before I sleep, so if you still insist on not taking it down on your own, be prepared to work into the night. I will not take any responsibility for that.

102, please note that Sandy is acting on instructions from Ms Tan and I because we have noticed that some of you have not been submitting your work or taking responsibility to record down your daily homework.
Mrs Ong

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