Friday, 3 January 2014

Reflections Day 2

Today we went on the high elements. It was a little scary at first, but thanks to my friends' encouragement, I managed to do it. I had a partner to go with me, so it was a lot more reassuring. The rope shook a lot, but we managed to stay on. Perseverance was a really important factor. Later today, we played a game called "MindField". It's a game where a pair work together to go through an obstacle course, one being blindfolded and the other, the "Looker" telling the blindfolded person what to do. Christopher was my partner, and he did really well in guiding me. We make a great team, and we stuck together for the entire 2 days! Christopher, Bo Si and I are becoming really close friends. Today, Bo Si demonstrated a 'Weed gun' that he learnt, and the class became closer due to it. It was a really amazing trick. He pulled out a weed and made a loop, then he pulled and the bud just shot out!

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