Friday, 10 January 2014

Fire Evacuation Exercise for 2014 (13 Jan 14 to 17 Jan 14)

Dear Students,
Please be informed that the school will be conducting the first round of Fire Evacuation Exercise for 2014 some time next week between 13 Jan14 to 17 Jan14.

Just a gentle reminder on the general procedure in event of the fire alarm activation.

1) Upon hearing the first fire alarm, stop all activities at once and keep noise level down.
2) Listen to the announcement over the PA systems. The message after the first alarm is to announce that there is a situation and that it will be investigated. No action is required at this time.
3) An instruction will be given after the second alarm. If the instruction is to evacuate, switch off all lights and electrical equipment. Close all windows before leaving the classroom.
4) Bring along the Evacuation Kit(Paper attached at the door) which is at the front door of every classroom.
5) Form up student quickly in pairs and close all doors.
6) Walk quickly in an orderly manner (Teacher in front) using the respective evacuation routes.
7) Look out for fire and obstacles (at all times)
8) Assemble and maintain discipline at Assembly Area
9) Teacher will be checking on the attendance immediately
10) If the message after the second alarm is that it was a false alarm, resume normal activities.

Thank you.

Audrey Tan

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