Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Second Day Of My SST Orientation

The Second Day Of Orientation

The 2nd day of orientation was fun and exciting. We went to try out a High Elements obstacle course.
Some of my classmates found it challenging but most still managed to complete it in the end. Personally, I did have a lot of fun when I went up to attempt the "Broken Bridge" section of the High Elements course with my classmate Owen. It was challenging as we were tasked to complete the course by only stepping on the wire. We also had to help each other balance or we would both have fallen off the "bridge". In the end, the trip had been exciting but it indeed was extremely tiring. I managed to bond with my classmates. When we got back, we played a game called Minefield in which the class was split up into pairs and the teams were given a blindfold each. One person would be blindfolded while the other guided them through the "minefield.  It was funny watching the blindfolded members walk into the chairs and tables. Overall, the second day was eventful and full of fun. I hope to have more days like this in the future.

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